Greenway EMR Features for OB GYN practices
diseaseJan 01, 2021

Greenway EMR Features for OB GYN practices

About Greenway EMR
Greenway has been around for several decades. In fact, the company found its beginnings in the year 1977 with producing a medical manager. The name Greenway as it is known today has undergone several changes and mergers to become what it is today. The company today is known all over the world and has provided medical software solutions to thousands of medical practices and clinics across North America and beyond. The company has won various awards over the years for its innovative EHR platform. Overall, it has a lot of users and many great reviews. In this piece, we will be breaking down all the features which make Greenway EMR great to use and some things which are less than satisfactory. From getting a Greenway EMR demo to the various largely unknown features this software has; we will tell you all!

Features of Greenway EMR

Customizable Templates for Everything
One of the best features of this software is the fact that it has over 4000 templates which are for different clinical specialties. If you take a Greenway EMR demo you will be spoiled for choice when looking at all of the templates since there are so many variations you will be able to choose from and enjoy!

Easy Access to your Data
The software gives you easy access to all your data. The dashboard for Greenway EMR is great and this is something several Greenway EMR reviews can attest to. The dashboard has all the features listed so you can switch through them and easily access whichever one it is you need to!

Compliance with HIPAA and More
Having the proper codes on your paperwork is incredibly important since it determines whether your paperwork will be accepted or rejected. However, with Greenway EMR you can rest easy since the software complies with HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks so you need not worry about any of those technical details again!

Dictate your Notes
If you have a routine on how you do things then you probably would want an EHR to adapt to your needs instead of the other way around. In this way Greenway EMR supports your work since it gives you options on how you want to run your practice. A lot of Greenway EMR reviews talk about the dictation feature on the software alone is worth the Greenway EMR cost. This software allows for you to make notes through dictation which the software automatically converts to digital text files for you to reference later. Instead of having an assistant transcribe your dictation, you can now automatically do it in real-time on your EMR software. A Greenway EMR demo will give you a better idea of this feature.

Analytics for Performance Reviews
Having software that can analyze things for you is very important since you need analysis to be able to figure out how things are going for you and what your medical practice’s performance looks like. With Greenway EMR you can track the performance of your medical practice. You also have access to advanced features such as exporting your data to other software that support your practice as well!

Amazing Patient Portal
Another great feature in Greenway EMR that makes the Greenway EMR pricing worth it is the patient portal which not only keeps your patients happy but takes a lot of the administrative burden of running a medical practice off of you. The software has a patient portal feature that patients can access to run several tasks. They can use this feature to schedule their appointments, they can request refills, check their data, and upload files and test results. And most importantly this Greenway EMR feature allows for them to easily be able to communicate with the doctor through the built-in messaging application. This helps you keep a track of all the communication you have had with the patient as well! All in all; this is a great feature. Be sure to check this feature out in your Greenway EMR demo.

Limitations of this Software
While there are several plus points of Greenway EMR like all pieces of technology, this software has some downsides. There are some features and issues with the software that are reported by some users in Greenway EMR reviews which are found online. The software has some custom reports which can be hard to build that can cause issues and inconveniences for you. Other than that, there is also a steep learning curve associated with this software since it is quite technical and can take a while for you to get used to. The software requires you to spend several hours on it to make sure you have perfected your knowledge. And as new features roll out you have to spend time learning them again. Another thing in Greenway EMR that tends to frustrate users is the lack of technical support. While there is a support staff you can call and ask for assistance, their response time is very slow. If you consider the Greenway EMR pricing you pay to use the software, this can be quite discouraging since you should expect good technical support in exchange for it!

Final Thoughts
While we think this is a great software overall, we cannot decide whether you should use it for you. We can recommend some ways for you to be able to decide whether you should opt for Greenway EMR or not. The first thing you should do is make a list of all the features you want in an EMR and then compare that list to the Greenway EMR features to see if it will have everything you require. Then you should also read up on the various Greenway EMR reviews found online to see what current users of the software think of it. And finally, we highly recommend you ask the vendor for a Greenway EMR demo to see whether this software works well for you in practice and not just in theory. While reading about features is one thing, using software is completely different and helps you understand better whether or not it will meet your requirements and work well for you! Hopefully, apart from a Greenway EMR demo our article will have helped you in making your final decision about the software.

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