Top Reasons Why We are Best Website Design Company for Your Project
social-mediaJan 02, 2021

Top Reasons Why We are Best Website Design Company for Your Project

Free Custom Mockup:
The most significant danger factor with regards to working with a website design organization is obscure. Will you like their design? Will you appreciate working with the organization? Will they react and conveniently convey work? We remove the entirety of this risk from you by planning a completely custom mockup of your new site before you sign or pay for anything. In addition to the fact that you get to see precisely what our plan for your site will resemble, yet you will likewise get the experience of working with us to check whether we are a fit. There isn't anything to sign, and no credit card data is taken.

Custom Design:
At JeewanGarg.com, we never use premade templates. Your website is comprehensively custom to you, designed in photoshop according to your requirements and stipulation. We never reuse our used or previous Mockups. However, we proudly demonstrate our rejected mockups' gallery because our work speaks more than our words. We never reuse our designs, and all our design comes with a custom branding style guide that includes a color palette and design sheet that you can use across all marketing collateral.

Custom WordPress Development:
The website is very similar to an iceberg, as 80% remains below the surface. While most customers don't consider this, the website backend is just as important as the front-end design. We've developed custom WordPress themes from the start, with a level of customization and ease of use that you won't find at most other web design companies. We also offer detailed video tutorials on how to edit and update each part of your website. If you can update your Facebook account, you can update your new website.

On-Page SEO:
Many web design companies love to talk about SEO, but few actually have results that prove they know what they're doing. At Google, we're number one for numerous keywords associated with Designing and SEO Services. In terms of SEO, we are currently running and have a full SEO process on the side of your new site.

Great Reviews:
We have more than fifty five-star reviews. Many of which are not "recommended" for several reasons. But everything is legal. We also have excellent ratings on Google Reviews. Most importantly, after ten years, we have NO negative reviews.

Results (portfolio):
The best way to measure a web design company is whether you like what they do. If you don't like web design companies' portfolio, you probably won't like your new website. We pride ourselves on our extensive work in various industries. We strive to strike a balance between originality and best practice in all of our designs. Our primary focus in any format is on the user and their needs. Our designs are highly visual, easy to navigate, and focus on simplicity and conversion.

B2B and Professional Services:
While we work with an expansive exhibit of clients, our center has mostly been with B2B, Professional Services, JeewanGarg Services. The string that ties our customers' entirety together is a more extended client deals cycle, with the site going about as both a lead age component for new possibilities and a lead change apparatus for existing leads. We set aside the effort to see the entirety of the client types visiting the site and ensure everybody has a make way.

Marketing First Design:
We propose the revolutionary way of thinking that the motivation behind a site is to bring in cash. How much JeewanGarg should judge the best website composition organization is how much the new site builds income. With that in mind, our site cycle includes featuring an essential and auxiliary proposal on all pages of the site and utilizing straightforwardness in a plan to drive transformations.

Fast and Secure:
Two of the most significant concerns individuals have with WordPress sites are their weakness in assault and its infamous moderate speed. We take care of both of these issues by giving clean code and upgraded improvement for speedy burden times. Furthermore, utilize best practices in security arrangements to moderate the potential for malware assault. The mystery fixing gives excellent site facilitating, which provides day by day reinforcements to security and a restrictive reserving instrument for a top of line WordPress speed.

We Care:
This may sound silly; however, we care. About our customers, our standing and our plans. We've discovered that the best needs in the cutting-edge world is soul and humankind. Also, we endeavor to be something beyond another website composition organization yet rather a companion you can depend on for your business achievement.

Jeewangarg is an ambitious website designing company in Delhi that makes business websites more engaging, and search engines access to ensure your business/brand to get the top position well into the search engine results pages. We yield imaginative website design, website development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), affiliate marketing, mobile applications, online advertising. We completely understand your aims & requirements & after analyzing into the deep, we provide our demonstrations. Therefore, we are delivering the best website development technologies while offering a great digital marketing platform based on the client's needs.

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