How Often Should You Get Your Kitchen Canopy Cleaned
foodDec 22, 2021

How Often Should You Get Your Kitchen Canopy Cleaned

A restaurant business is mainly about hygienic cooking conditions and the quality of food. To meet both these conditions, you need to keep your kitchen germ-free and clean. This is where a commercial kitchen canopy can help. However, a kitchen canopy can often get dirty because of the heavy cooking process in kitchens. The stains of butter, oil, curries, and grease can make them smelly as well. So, it is vital to undertake a canopy cleaning Melbourne service every few weeks or a few months based on your kitchen’s workload to maintain hygiene.

Canopy cleaning is an often overlooked aspect of kitchen cleaning. Many commercial cleaning services don’t include canopy cleaning in their itinerary. So, you should either hire a kitchen deep cleaning service provider who offers canopy cleaning as a part of their service or hire an individual canopy cleaning services provider.

Why Canopy Cleaning Is So Important
A kitchen canopy tends to attract carbon, grease, and many fatty deposits with its extended use. This may end up costing both the outside and inside of the canopy. Except for the clear hygiene issues, having fat and dirt in proximity to the food preparation area and failure to clean your commercial kitchen canopy can result in a severe fire risk. Moreover, a clean canopy can help you improve ventilation and airflow to the kitchen. A clean canopy also reduces the risks of spreading diseases like stomach aches, vomiting, and food poisoning.

When Should You Get Your Canopy Cleaned
Different restaurants work at different hours. Some get a large number of clients while some get a few only. So, your canopy cleaning schedule will depend on the use of the kitchen. If your restaurant remains full always, you should get your canopy cleaned monthly. You may go for a half-yearly canopy cleaning service if you don’t cook and use the canopy often. A thorough canopy cleaning service can help decrease the first hazard. It is best left to the professionals. Professional canopy cleaners can help remove oil and grease marks from your canopy and make it shine.

Why Should You Hire The Professionals for Canopy cleaning Services?
Experienced Cleaners: Professional canopy cleaning companies hire efficient and smart cleaners only. They have a great experience when it comes to cleaning canopies of various sizes. Moreover, they have the license to clean all types of canopies.

Thorough Cleaning: Professionals will clean the canopy of a restaurant thoroughly. The process of cleaning involves:

  • Fixing any broken parts of your canopy
  • Using gentle chemicals to get rid of any food smells from the canopies
  • Using a steam method to remove stains of oil and grease
  • Checking and evaluating the rangehood, kitchen duct, and canopy.

Harmless Cleaning Solutions: A restaurant canopy is filled with butter, oil, and grease. It can also get rust because of oil marks and water. The professional canopy cleaners use harmless cleaning solutions for cleaning your canopy. These solutions don’t contain gases, chemicals, or any other dangerous substances. They don’t even cause skin allergies or health hazards. These cleaning solutions can make a canopy look shiny and new.

Good Reputation: An unhygienic kitchen will spoil your restaurant’s image. A professional canopy cleaning company will help maintain a good reputation for your restaurant in the market. If you have a clean kitchen, more customers will get attracted to the kitchen. The professional canopy cleaners will assist you to grow your business on a big scale.

Lesser Risks Of Diseases: A restaurant with a dirty kitchen can quickly spread diseases. People may get various digestive problems if they eat at an unhygienic restaurant. These problems may include vomiting, stomach pain, gas, and food poisoning. A professional canopy cleaning company will help clean your restaurant’s canopy from the inside out. Thus, they decrease the risks of spreading any kind of digestive and health issues.

Reasonably Priced Services: If you choose to clean your canopy yourself, you will need to buy the cleaning solutions and the right equipment needed to thoroughly clean the canopy. This may or may not be in your budget. However, when you hire a canopy cleaning service provider, they will come prepared with all the necessary products and equipment to deep clean your kitchen canopy. They have different cleaning packages as well to suit the budget and requirement of every restaurant, big or small. They can also offer customized cleaning services based on their client’s needs. So, if you want to get your commercial kitchen canopy cleaned, you should decide the cleaning schedule based on your kitchen’s workload and hire the experts to get a detailed inspection and cleaning service.

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