5 Steps to Build Brand Using Social Media
social-mediaDec 29, 2020

5 Steps to Build Brand Using Social Media

These days most people use social media in the wrong way. They don't know how to establish and boost their brand on social media platforms. Brand reputation is really important for any company. But when it comes to online brand reputation then it becomes more important these days of social media. Now you can get more customers through social media.

Traditional advertisements are never going to work effectively as compared to social media promotion. You can get more customers and increase your revenue through these social media platforms. If you are still not aware of the power of brand reputation online. Then here you are in the right place. Here we will tell you how you can build a reputation for your brand online on social media platforms. Follow these five amazing tips to grow more on social media.

1. Create A Unique Brand Image

Brand image, have you ever heard about this? Brand image means, everything on your social profile will show your brand. Never try to put your images or stock images on profile pictures and always try to build your brand image. Do the following things to get a unique brand image on social media.

Brand Logo

Get a logo designed for your brand. Many applications can be used for free. If you want something more professional then you should hire a graphic designer to get your brand logo designed. It will be a major component of your brand reputation.

Brand Handles

Your social media handles will have the name of your brand. Don't use your city name or your pet’s name as your brand handle. Use a similar name on all handles.

Brand Artwork

Not only logos, but other artwork also going to represent your brand online. Try to get some wall covers designed for your Facebook page or Youtube channel art.

2. Find The Right Audience

Now the next step is to find the right audience. If you don't know who is your customer online, then brand reputation won't help anymore. So the best thing is to research more about your audience. Because there are millions of people on social media. But you have to target a small group of people for better results.

Choose Right Platform

Sometimes brands try to find their audience on the wrong platform. So it won't help them much. If your target audience is not on Facebook then promoting yourself online won't work. So always try to choose the right platform for you.

Know Your Customer

Hire someone professional to research more about your customer. Your customers may have some specific metrics. Try to track all these metrics.

BONUS TIP: Encourage your customers to share their feedback. Then showcase these customer feedbacks as testimonials on your site.

3. Serve The Relevant Content

Content is the king and you may have heard this statement on thousands of websites and blogs about digital marketing. If you want to build a brand reputation then you must pay attention to your content. Sometimes high-quality content is the only thing that brings you to the top.

Speak Your Customer's Language

You need to speak your customer’s language in your content. If your content is not relevant to your audience, then they won't like it.

Raise & Solve Their Problems

Try to find and raise the problems of your customers. It will help you build an authentic image along with a brand reputation. If you can solve the customer’s problems then it will be a golden opportunity to grow.

4. Engage Effectively & Emotionally

The engagement rate should be high always. If you are not engaging properly with your audience, then social media strategy is not going to work for you. You have to engage with them daily.


Emotion is a key part of any marketing strategy. If you can trigger emotion with your social media handles, then you can easily build a brand reputation. Try to organize some giveaways and send gifts and love to your audience.


Conduct an online contest and let your customers participate in it. Give rewards, discounts, offers, gifts, and much more.

5. Run Ad Campaigns

After trying everything organically, you need some specific paid promotions. Try to promote your brand online. You can run ad campaigns on specific events or regular days, both.

Choose Budget Accordingly

First of you need to choose the budget for your ad campaign. If your goal is brand reputation then you have to spend less. If a particular sale event or offer is the goal, then you can spend more, as it will bring sales too.

Brands try a lot of ways to grow themselves through social media. These days more brands are spending their advertisement and promotional budget on social media rather than traditional platforms like print media, radio, and television. Social media is affordable for any small or medium business too. So it will be less costly to build a brand reputation online through social media. You can hire a reliable digital marketing company for help.

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