How to Start and Grow Your Brand On YouTube Beginners Guide
social-mediaMar 18, 2021

How to Start and Grow Your Brand On YouTube Beginners Guide

Starting a YouTube channel is the easiest part. However, if you want to continue YouTube as a long-term career, it’ll be imperative to build a consistent audience and grow your brand over time. You can’t publish random videos and expect people to watch them. If you look at any of the professional YouTubers, be it MrBeast or Logan Paul, you’ll realize that all their videos are well-planned and unique. This is the reason why they attract millions of views all the time.

If you want to replicate the same results for your channel, continue reading. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a few essential tips that’ll help you get more YouTube views on your videos and build a strong presence. It doesn’t matter if you have just launched your channel or been publishing videos for several months, these tips will help you sail in the right direction and skyrocket your YouTube growth.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Create a Brand Account
If you are planning to continue YouTube in the long-term, make sure to create a “Brand Account”. Why? Because it has several additional features that’ll help you optimize your account and track your real-time growth.

Also, if you are starting a YouTube channel with your professional team, creating a dedicated “Brand Account” will give access to all the users and everyone will be able to make changes to the channel. So, if you haven’t already set up a YouTube channel, make sure to choose a “Brand Account” instead of the “Personal Account”.

Optimize Your Channel
After setting up your brand account, the next step would be to optimize the channel to make it visually appealing. Start by adding a logo and banner. It’s worth noting that whenever a viewer will land on your channel, the logo/banner will be the first thing they’ll notice. So, it’s crucial to upload a captivating logo and banner that can easily engage the user. You can use any of the designing tools such as Canva to design both these elements. Some attractive youtube banner templates offered by various online graphic tools serve the purpose well. You don't need any design skills for creating your stunning youtube banner template just customize it with your wordings & images and you are good to go.

Secondly, add a channel description that conveys what your channel is all about and what types of videos viewers can expect. Make sure to add a well-thought description and add appropriate keywords so that your videos can also appear in YouTube search results. This will help you convert one-time visitors into permanent subscribers and attract organic traffic at the same time.

Don’t Forget to Verify Your Account
Verifying a YouTube account is the most important part of building a YouTube brand. It’s important to understand that only verified accounts have the authority to publish videos (having a length of 15+ minutes) and sign up for the YouTube partner program as well. Since you are most likely starting a YouTube channel to make money, it’d be important to verify your account so that you can activate your Google Adsense account.

Decide a Posting Schedule
One of the most convenient ways to get YouTube views is to post frequently and stick to a dedicated posting schedule. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should post every day on YouTube, but at least try to be consistent with your posts.

This means if you have decided to publish three videos in a week, make sure to release them by Saturday of each week. This will showcase that you indeed value your viewers’ time. Also, being consistent on YouTube will push your videos higher in YouTube search results and you’ll be able to attract organic views easily.

Buy YouTube Views
Now, if your channel is relatively new and you don’t have an existing social media following either, you can also buy YouTube views at first to build an initial viewership. Despite what you may think, buying views will benefit your channel’s growth, considering you choose trusted platforms to get the views.

YouTube is only against the transaction of bots. But, if you get 100% real views on your videos, it’ll only contribute to your growth and you’ll be able to attain your milestones more easily. So, if you plan to buy YouTube views, make sure to do your research and choose a service provider that offers completely authentic views.

So, that’s how you can get more YouTube views and build a strong brand presence on YouTube. Follow these tips and you’ll also be able to acquire thousands of views on your videos easily.

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