How to survive and lead a normal life with asthma
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How to survive and lead a normal life with asthma

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Living off with your asthma can be tough sometimes. You are restricted in your life of certain things and practice saying your life is a lot more different than the normal people of your age.

With no permanent cure for asthma available to date, you have to maintain certain restrictions. To be frank you will not die of asthma unless there is a severe asthma attack which by the way is rare if you are suffering from mild or moderate asthma.

Inhalers like Asthalin Inhaler or Levolin inhaler from Arrowmeds have become a common part of your life and you have to live with them. But maintaining the restrictions in your life can play a huge role in your life and you can stay prevented from the worst and dreaded severe asthma attacks.

Practice breathing exercises regularly
One of the things that you need to inculcate in your daily life is doing breathing exercises daily. It will have a long term good effect in reducing the overall stress management with asthma. Moreover, even in the case of an asthma attack, your body will instantly be able to react well with the breathing. There is no doubt saying that of course you can use rescue inhalers such as Asthalin Inhaler or Levolin inhaler from Arrowmeds during the times of an emergency but with controlled breathing, you can face asthma symptoms head-on.

To inculcate the breathing effects and control your breathing during an asthma attack is not something that you will learn within a day. Of course, you need to do it daily and only see the changes within a few weeks or even months.

Try out doing breathing exercises such as diaphragmatic breathing, nasal breathing, and Papworth breathing method, Buteyko breathing exercises, pursed-lip breathing exercises, and doing slow breathing while doing yoga exercises.

Recognizing the asthma triggers
You should keep off the asthma triggers. You can keep yourself away from the asthma symptoms by keeping yourself at a bay from the allergens that trigger asthma.

Of course, you need to keep an asthma inhaler such as an Asthalin Inhaler or Levolin inhaler from Arrowmeds with you at all times. But understanding the sources and the places that you need to avoid for asthma triggers can keep you off the worst side effects.

There can be different allergens that act as triggers to and setting off asthma symptoms in your body. These include- smoke, soot, asbestos dust, saw wood dust, vehicular emissions, chemical vapors, incense stick smoke, pet dander, dandruff, etc.

Sit with an asthma expert or a doctor and find out what triggers asthma in you.

Taking care of your diet
Diet is important for people prone to asthma symptoms. You can use your Levolin inhaler daily but the long-term effects of the food items that prevent you from asthma are crucial and one that needs to be inducted into your diet right from the next meal that you have.

You need include vitamin D rich food such as milk and eggs, carrots, and leafy green vegetables because they are a rich source of beta carotenoid, spinach and pumpkin seeds that are rich in magnesium, Vitamin A rich foods such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, apples, and bananas.

Getting vaccinated for the flu
There is a highly important thing that you need to know even when you have your Asthalin inhaler as a standby in your pocket at all times. And that is bad news for you in case you live in a highly cold climate or the majority of the weather during the year is colder.

And that is asthma attacks are triggered by cold and cough and even when you are exposed for long in the cold weather.

It is not worth to say that you need to make yourself closed indoors and not go outside. You need to go to your office or even to the supermarket. But what you can do is make sure that your face especially your nostrils and mouth are wrapped using a clean cloth or else you can also try out face masks.

Remember that this will give you some protection but not for long. So try and avoid the cold weather at all times. And just like you don’t forget to keep your inhaler with you at all times in your pocket or handbag when stepping out in the icy cold conditions.

Stop drinking cigarettes
Drinking cigarettes is something that will set off asthma triggers. The use of cigarettes is increasing daily especially among the youth and this is something that you need to abandon out of your life completely if you don’t want to suffer from the extremities during an asthma attack.

If you are not able to handle your stress or if you are addicted to smoking cigarettes and cannot control the urge to smoke until your cigarette packet empties you need to talk to the doctor or at least find out alternatives to cigarettes for you staying safe from asthma.

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