10 Best Tours of Australia
travelJan 03, 2021

10 Best Tours of Australia

Australia is as diverse as it is vast. Australia. You will explore ever-evolving landscapes from north to south and east to west, but still spectacular sceneries. Australia's size is difficult to grasp, and every destination has its own special sights and attractions. You can be sure that you will have an experience like every other part of the world anywhere you want to visit.

There is an unbelievable Australia tour that takes in best the country's natural landscapes and spectacular attractions, from the vibrant sandy Whitsunday Islands to wet forests and crash waterfalls in pristine National Parks of the Northern Territory. Great Barrier Reef snorkel, cruise along the Brisbane River or take the Melbourne Great Ocean Route.

In Australia there is plenty to do, and here are the best tours that will help you see the best.

1. Full-Day Catamaran Airlie Sailing Adventure
The Whitsundays are one of Australia's most scenic archipelagos. You will enjoy some of the most colorful water stretches along with a variety of the purer, whitest sands in the country on the east coast of Queensland. This tour leads to a swift and comfortable Catamaran journey through the islands, from Airlie Beach on the mainland.

The day-long trip involves snorkeling in secluded bays, walking through the rainforest, and a buffet-style lunch complete with drinks on board the catamaran, and will see you visiting the best places - including the popular Whitehaven Beach.

2. Ferry Combo from Perth and Rottnest Island Bike
The most popular holiday trip in Perth is Rottnest Island. It's situated only a short ferry ride to the south of Perth city, from Fremantle Harbor. In summer it is famous for its undisturbed beaches and great snorkeling possibilities.

Take the ferry from Perth to cross the wild Rottnest Island coast by bicycle. Take a relaxing dip in the water, explore beaches and bays, but look out to the most popular people on the island – Quokka. Only on Rottnest Island are these fuzzy little creatures found.

3. Enjoy the 2 Day Grand 4WD tour on Fraser Iceland!
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world on the east coast of Australia, just north of Brisbane. Almost entirely made up of sand, it supports one of the world's most singular habitats with thick rainforests rising somehow from the sandy soil underneath it. There are clear, freshwater lakes to explore and the best place to see wild dingoes in Australia's natural environment is in Australia.

With a 4WD bus that will let you ride along lengthy beaches and rugged off-road trails comfortably, with enough temps to hit the remote and untouched areas on the island, this two-day tour will take you to Fraser Island.

4. Boat voyage from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island
The third biggest island in Australia is only a short drive from Adelaide on the southern coast. Kangaroo Island has a small residential town, but most national parks and protected land helps preserve the wild nature of the island and wildlife. The island has a wide range of natural resources.

There are some excellent walks, a beautifully windy landscape, and every Australian species is found here from kangaroos to koalas.

5. Luxury Barrier Great Reef Snorkeling Tour from Cairns:
The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest living organism which spreads hundreds of miles along Australia's eastern coast. It is one of the most spectacular natural sights in the world, a flood of vibrant corals and plenty of marine life.

Enter this vessel from Cairns to the outside islands, where the luxury of a boat allows you to snorkel, diving, and watch the beautiful underwater environment.

6. Complete Day Safari from Darwin Litchfield National Park
The Northern Territory – known to Australians as the Top End – is a remote area of Australia, sparsely inhabited and seldom visited by tourists. It's far away but the visit to Darwin, the capital, is worth taking a visit to the National Park of Litchfield.

You can experience the wilderness of the rainforest by walking through the Litchfield National Park, leading to freshwater swimming troughs and epic waterfalls.

7. Base Walk and Sunset BBQ tours of Uluru and Kata Tjuta
A detailed tour of Uluru, the most famous rock on earth, is taken from Ayers Rock Resort, in the middle of the outback, next to Alice Springs. Learn about Uluru's tradition and history, walk around the rock foundation, before enjoying an Australian BBQ in the open air as the sole sets and enjoying an unbelievable view of Uluru.

8. Kings Canyon: Ayers Rock Resort Full-Day Tour
In the Outback of the Northern Territory, kings canyon is the most stunning natural sights. This is an attraction near the popular Uluru which sees fewer visitors than the iconic rock, but which in its very own way is just as beautiful.

A walking trail along the top of the canyon for excellent views of this site will take you on this guided tour.

9. Train and Skyrail Kuranda Complete day travel
The rainforest and charming city of Kuranda, located high in the hills above the city, will be transported from Cairns to the city. Take the Scenic Railway to Kuranda and stop to have an unbelievable view of the Barron Falls – one of the strongest waterfalls in Australia.

Check out the markets in Kuranda and enjoy the local food before you take the incredible Skyrail back to Cairns, passing through the wooded gorge under you.

10. Adventure Tour from Fitzroy Island From Cairns
Just a 45-minute boat ride from Cairns is located on Fitzroy Island. A beautiful day out, this verdant and untouched national park. Fitzroy Island is part of the Great Barrier Reef so you can relax on the beaches of the island and then have a drink at the bar rather than spend the entire day by boat to explore the reef.

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